Monday, January 4, 2010

15 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Him

  1. Magazine Subscription - the quickest and easiest, making it the number one last minute gift ideas for him, you don't even have to leave you house. It'll probably take you five minutes to visit a men's magazine website such as and click on the subscription link or in this case the 'give a gift' link (for menshealth it's pretty visible at the top right corner of it's site).
  2. Best Buy Gift Card - Guys love gadgets and electronics. You might not need to drive to a Best Buy, somtimes your local grocery store may have gift cards to Best Buy and other stores and restaurants.
  3. Movie DVDs - Action-packed films is a safe genre if you don't know what movies he likes.
  4. Cell phone accessories - cell phone face plates, silicon skin cases, cellular cases
  5. iPod - everyone loves music!
  6. Madden NFL 10 (Nintendi Wii)
  7. The Beatles: Rock Band (Nintendo Wii)
  8. Guiter Hero 5 (Nintendi Wii)
  9. Wallet & Belt
  10. Backpack for Wii
  11. Thumb Drive (Flash Drive)
  12. Shaving Set
  13. Fragrance
  14. Dinner
  15. Clothes: Boxers, Socks, Scarf , etc