Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas gift for boyfriend

I think a Best Buy Gift Card would make a great Christmas gift for a boyfriend. Most people would agree that guys are harder to shop for especially because when you walk into the a store the women's section is usually bigger than the small selection of stuff for men.

I know what you're thinking 'gift cards are the easy way out', or 'they're the ultimate last minute gift idea' but think about it... what if you got a gift card to your absolute favorite place. Instead of getting a gift that you may or may not have liked, you are granted the power to choose your own gift at the place you love to shop (or could be to your favorite restaurant). If the gift is chosen by you its gotta be a great present! Who thought of the gift card idea? Props to you.

But why Best Buy out of all places? It doesn't have to be but here's what made me think of it... To start everyone uses technology. Second, guys tend not to like shopping as much as girls do especially for clothes. In general boys rather shop for gadgets, games, stuff.. and show off their new wide-screen t.v., their nintendo wii / play station or how they have the latest video game... ohhh and their movie collections. I'm sure you get the picture.

As I said, a gift card to Best Buy is just an idea, you might know of another place your boyfriend likes to shop frequently. Just keep in mind the gift card idea works as a perfect gift only when it's a card to a favorite store because there are more chances that they'll find something they actually want to buy.

Choosing a gift card to the right place is important. That will make or break this gift idea. I'll admit I once received a starbucks gift card and never used it. Instead, I re-gift it. I am of the rare species that never drinks coffee. I simply gave it to someone that drank coffee.

More Gift ideas for him:
  • magazine subscription
  • tickets to his favorite sports game
  • Electronics

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  1. As stated in the blog that there are only few things which can be given as a gift to men. but still some things like watches n shades are guys favorite gifts. so don't think much go for it .
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